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Whether you like lounging in the sun with a drink on hand, or roughing it up in the mountains or underwater, Cebu has all sorts of activities to entertain all kinds of folks. All while making sure you enjoy your stay, whether it’s in a backpacker’s inn, or the newest developments in the city like Megaworld’s new township in Mactan. Here we list down some of the adventures you can do in Cebu. Go ahead and push your limits.

There’s no shortage of diving courses in Cebu. It has, after all, proven itself a worthy underwater playground. Regardless if you prefer scuba diving or snorkeling, the choices of dive sites are abundant. But why not take it a notch higher by freediving in Moalboal! Freediving relies on your ability to hold your breath underwater. It is considered a more unique way of enjoying the sea, as not only is it cheaper than maintaining scuba diving gear, it also provides a more peaceful and relaxing way of enjoying underwater, free from the constraints of scuba equipment. How’s that for testing your body’s limits and enjoying a zen experience at the same time?

It can’t be argued that the scenic views of Cebu are best experienced with the breath of fresh air. And there really is no better way of doing that than biking. With several bike tours organized from town to town, and even within the city centers, you’re sure to experience the best and the nitty-gritty of Cebu. If you’re feeling extra adventurous and with a few more days to spare, you can even do an entire sweep of Cebu via bike. There are several trails to choose from depending on the difficulty level. If you’re travelling and don’t have a bike on hand, there are several rental shops in the province providing high quality bike equipment.

Canyoneering requires your full commitment to adventure. Not only will you climb, walk, jump, swim with or against the currents, you might also be required to rappel and hike all while enjoying Cebu’s natural wonders. Some canyoneering sites offer an entire day of adrenaline-pumping activities, but beginners to the sport may also opt for the easier downstream trails usually taking around 3 to 4 hours. Whatever option you choose, always make sure to organize your trip with a professional guide. These trails are also best enjoyed with several of your friends. So make sure to plan an entire trip with the gang!

One need not go too far from the city to enjoy a good adventure. Thirty minutes away from the city is the Cebu Wake Park, the first cable wakeboarding facility in the province. Wakeboarding is a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques so you’re guaranteed to get quite an exercise. It’s a relatively new sport in Cebu, but one that is quickly gaining traction. The wake park boasts of a team of professional coaches to help you learn, or improve on the sport. Jake, a resident of Mactan, particularly loves going to the wake park. “It’s really accessible from where I live,” he says, “and I always try to bring my friends and family here”.

Rock Climbing
Extreme sport fanatics, not only from the province, but from all over the world are converging in the small town of Cantabaco to rock climb. Not known to many, Cantabaco’s is “one of the whitest sun-bleached limestone crags in Southeast Asia”, making it the perfect springboard for first time rock climbers in the country. Featuring routes catering to both beginners and extremely advanced climbers, you can enjoy a quick day trip or even spend a few days studying and climbing the different areas of Cantabaco. First time climbers also need not worry about equipment, as the local guides have all the necessary tools to ensure a safe climb.

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