"As a foreigner, naturally I had a lot of questions and concerns prior to buying so it was very comforting being able to purchase my home through Arnold. In addition to his vast knowledge and experience with the Philippine market, he is very professional and responsive! Without hesitation, I would recommend Arnold to anyone interested in purchasing a home in the Philippines. Thanks Arnold!"
...Greg Jones (USA)

"Following my recent purchase of a condo unit in 8 Mactan Newtown I would like to express my thanks for your support along the purchase process. You gave me clear answers. On some very specific questions I had, you assisted me to clarify some grey areas, introducing me to high level management staff up to the Vice President. They provided me with clear answers and I moved on to buy a condo unit. You handled the purchase process very well, you explained all steps, you planned the meeting wit the accountant very precisely and all steps went smoothly. I think you are used to deal with foreigners. You were not offended by the type of questions and the concerns I had. You quietly helped me to clarify everything. I thank you and congratulate you for your professional services. Best regards"
...Dr. Jean Claude (France)

"I came to cebu philippines 10 years ago, and started a foundation about 3 years ago I met Arnold by chance at a burger restaurant.He introduced me to a new condo project that had just got underway. He handled the pre-construction purchase in a timely and professional manner, I would recommend arnold for any further projects in the future. "
...Mike Kulig (United States)

"I just want to add a comment that Sue and I have been very pleased with the professionalism and attentiveness of Arnold Sawyer. From the moment we were introduced till contract signature he was intuitive and helpful. He knows everything about his product and gave really good and honest advice about what could and could not be done. He was even answering our emails on a Sunday! Such is his dedication. Well done, Arnold. We hope Megaworld has the privilege of your services for many years to come."
...Peter and Sue Aldridge (Australia)

"Arnold, I have to say you are one of the most important people that has passed through my life. Your integrity, non judgment of human beings, the love you always have shown and your wonderful work ethics is always the first thing I remember about you. You are so kind and positive to all that you meet. Thank You."
...Ms. Bette (Seattle)

" It's a pleasure to deal with such professionals as Arnold Sawyer! He really knows how to run his business, push sales and interact with the customers! A real good example when the right person is in right place "
...Dmitry Kupyshev (Russia)

"I met Mr Arnold Sawyer a year ago and though I don't know much about him personally, but I found him very courteous and professional in dealing with other people. Despite his busy works, he never neglected to inform me the updates of his project. A "thumbs up" for you sir Arnold!"
...Elma Matubis

"Arnold Sawyer is a "highly experienced" real estate professional with knowledge in the development of "high end" condominium communities throughout Asia. Arnold has a unique understanding of the diverse multi-ethnic requirements of his clients world wide. It is a pleasure to do business with him in the purchase of any of the outstanding properties he represents."
...Sal La Barbera (California)

"Our experience in acquiring our Condo units at Mactan Newtown has been a smooth experience thanks to Mr. Arnold Sawyer, our very reliable agent. He is very direct in his dealings with us. Very effieicient with our paper works and is always just a text and phone call away for all of our concerns and inquiries. You don't need to wait for a long time to get a response from him. He even keeps you up to date with the progress of the project, which is much appreciated. Thanks Arnold."
...Suzette Yu (Cebu)

"I have known Arnold for over two years and have found him to be courteous and helpfull at all times."
...Leonard Allen Klassen

"We had come across Arnold's website while browsing Megaworld's Mactan Project. It was informative and had piqued our curiosity. On our first meeting, we were pleased that Arnold did not engage in hard sell tactics as others often do. We appreciated his candor in addressing our questions and concerns. Overall the experience was pleasant."
...Cebu resident buyer