Twin Lakes Vineyard Tagaytay

Located in Tagaytay and Laurel, Twin Lakes encompasses 1,149 hectares., designed to be the premier medical & educational tourism estate. Provides refreshing views of famous Taal Lake & Volcano Offers a cool mountain breeze amid rugged terrain and a man-made lake.

Twin Lakes raises the bar of living well south of Manila with an unparalleled master plan that makes the most of the rugged, nature-hewn land its emerges from. The community is a showcase of themed residential phases that are seamlessly integrated with expansive nature spaces, well-designed retail, commercial and civic centers and vibrant lifestyle and leisure hubs.

Nature's hand shapes the landscape of Tagaytay - undulating terrain, steep slopes and a vast expanse of green that draws the eye all the way down to Taal Lake and the renowned volcano within. Blessed with a gentle climate, the city is embraced by cool mountain breezes day and night. And here, the earth brings forth life in rich abundance and variety.

The Vineyard

The master stroke of Twin Lakes is The Vineyard, a 177-hectare mixed-use phase that brings Europe’s storied wine country to life. Here, rows of vines banter with the changing seasons before the grapes are transformed into wine of the finest vintage.

Domaine Le Jardin

The 50-hectare Domaine Le Jardin epitomizes stately living in the greenest of settings. The hallmark of Twin Lakes’ first residential phase are its prime subdivision lots, a lush botanical garden and an exclusive amenity area that serves as the centerpiece of recreation in the village.


Every condominium cluster at Twin Lakes is a symbol of life at the top. Units come with one to two bedrooms, while the modern comforts and conveniences and play amenities available rival those in urban condo communities.

Chateau Twin Lakes

Like in the "terroirs" of old, bottled wine from the Twin Lakes vineyard is stored and showcased in a traditional wine chateau. The French-inspired, 1,500-square-meter country manor is located next to a beautiful man-made lake.

Twin Lakes Hotel and Spa

Taking its cue from the stunning scenery, the Twin Lakes Hotel and Spa overlooking the vineyard is a setting of exquisite proportions. Its six levels host eighty chic hotel rooms, a full-service spa and an array of amenities that pamper, restore and exhilarate.

The Vineyard Shopping Village

Set along Tagaytay Ridge, and facing the city's main thoroughfare, the shopping village infuses a sense of newness and excitement into The Vineyard. Stylish shops and eclectic boutiques are interspersed with quaint cafes and dining spots specializing in every cuisine imaginable.

Golf Estate

Twin Lakes elevates the game of golf to a supreme quest for pleasure. The community's 113-hectare golf estate features an 18-hole championship golf course, a big draw for the pros. Residential lots are located close to the green, ideal for those looking to live next to the fairways.

Lakeview Community

Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. Together, they from vistas that are majestic in scale and serene in beauty. Twin Lakes' lakeshore community seems to reach out to the main caldera, where the water is fresh and teeming with marine life.

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